İŞAD Heyeti OEB 55 Genel kuruluna katıldı


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İŞAD Heyeti Dün akşamki Hilton Park Otelinde yapılan OEB 55 Genel kuruluna katılmış ve İŞAD’ı temsilen Başkan Metin Şadi Genel Kurula hitaben bir konuşma yapmıştır. Türkçe hoş geldiniz ibaresinin de bulunduğu salona İŞAD Başkanı OEB Genel Sekreterinin Türkçe dilinde anonsu ile davet edilerek çözüm ve barış yönünde mesaj verilmesi heyetimizce memnunlukla karşılanmıştır.

Genel Kurulda programdan da görüleceği üzere Sn. Anastasiades , KEBE Başkanı Sn. Phidias Philides ve OEB Başkanı Sn. Chritstos Michealides birer konuşma yapmıştır.
Gece sonunda ise konuklar onuruna bir yemek verilmiştir.

İŞAD başkanının yaptığı konuşma ekte programla birlikte kamu oyuyla paylaşılmak üzere tarafınıza sunulmaktadır.
İŞAD YK adına





Your Excellency President Nicos Anastasiades
The Chairman of OEB, Mr Christos Michaelides
Honourable Members of Parliament
Dear Members of OEB,
Distinguished Guests,
I would like to thank you, for giving me the opportunity again ,and, for the last time, as the President of ISAD, to adress you all , at the Annual General Meeting of esteemed OEB. I would like to convey to you the best wishes from my colleagues, all businessman and members of Turkish Cypriot Businessmen’s Association. (ISAD).
I have been addressing this esteemed gathering for the last four years and have been giving the same message.
Ladies and Gentleman , We must have this problem solved NOW, whatever the costs calculated to be paid by both sides, and only concentrate on how to do that. Losing the momentum of today, created by two excellent Cypriot Leaders and their Negotiation teams will be unforgivable ; please note that the resulting outcome and GAIN from an agreement of today will exponentially be higher compared to whatever the promised gains for the future ,preached by other worried and unclear minds from both sides.
ISAD held a panel about a month ago with the participation of good section of NGOs and political parties from both sides under the heading “IS THIS THE LAST CHANCE for a federal solution?.” I announce the outcome now that – YES this is the last real chance for a Bicommunal Federation which will reunite our Island and take us to a much better situation in every way and a sustainable future and Economy.
Any other solution which may be put in front of us at a later time and stage , should we lose this chance now, then, with changing consequences and different strategies affecting our region- will yield some other options to be pronounced that, God forbid I dare not to mention now.
Therefore let’s please encourage our leaders more then we did before so they can show the will and determination reflected from us to go ahead to put their signatures to an agreement in the next few months and bring it to a referandum before the end of 2016.
I praise and thank here, President Anastasiades and President Akınci and Mr Mavroyannis and Mr Nami and thank them very much for their hard efforts they are exerting for this purpose- and to the political parties from both sides supporting the solution.
Thank you for listening – God bless and good luck.
İŞAD – Turkish Cypriot Businessmen’s Association

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